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Roya STEM Plays Presents:
Math universe: episodes in a Space opera (part 1)

This is the first volume in our brand new series: collections of short plays, with a focus on STEM curriculum basics, each collection set in their own overarching world that connects them together. These plays are for teachers to perform with their students in the classroom or in other educational settings! (Geared for performers in grades 3-8.)

First in the series to be released: Math Universe: Episodes in a Space Opera (Part 1), which features several slice-of-life scenes in a world where fearless fighters for justice encounter aliens, unknown creatures, and other dangers, which must be confronted with their most important tool: MATH. All these plays take place rather a long time ago, in a star system that’s not very close to ours, if you catch our drift.

Coming June 2021 — watch this space!

Further down the pipeline for 2021: the Pomegranate series

A series of short story collections for kids to read to themselves, or for their grown-ups to read with them! We’re calling it the Pomegranate Series: something nice to hold in your hand, with a bunch of surprising story tidbits inside. Check this page for details; look for it soon!


 Managed Mischief:
A Toolkit of Improv-Inspired Games

by Mandy Khoshnevisan

What Does a Truck Driver Do?
by Mattie Paul Sivert
The Great Separation:
A History of the Separation of the United States into Two Independent Republics in 2029

  by John Doe, Ph.D.

From Lost Dog Studios

Available now through Roya Publications: Greeting cards featuring photography from Lost Dog Studios.

Ten designs currently available; click here to see more!

Managed Mischief:
A Toolkit of Improv-Inspired Games
by Mandy Khoshnevisan

Improvisation is MAKING something fun happen—and not just onstage before an audience, but ANYWHERE. Managed Mischief is an improv how-to kit, helping parents and teachers celebrate everyday creativity with the kids in their lives. Whether or not you have any prior improv experience, this book will walk you through how to teach and play these self-guided games that boost creativity, confidence, and collaborative thinking.

Available in e-book and trade paperback; click here for more information!

What Does a Truck Driver Do?
by Mattie Paul Sivert; edited by Mary (Sivert) Khosh, Ph.D.

This cheeky and charming illustrated book of haiku, riddles, limericks, and other poetry will appeal to the young and the young at heart.

Available in e-book and trade paperback; click here for more information!

The Great Separation: A History of the Separation of the United States Into Two Independent Republics in 2029
by John Doe, Ph.D

“a must read for political junkies … no book could be more timely”;

“clever, creative, innovative, sophisticated and highly entertaining”;

“…The Great Separation may in fact be the most stimulating and fascinating critique of [our] political system that I have read in that half century of analysis.”  (Click here to read the whole review by James Erickson)

Available in e-book and trade paperback; click here for more information!