“Math Universe” is out now!

We’ve just published our next book: the first in what will be a series of curriculum-based play collections, each centered around a STEM subject and a theme. “Math Universe” is centered around, you guessed it: MATH. The plays are a loosely-connected collection of glimpses into the lives of those fighting the good fight in a sector of space that’s, er, rather a far distance from here and quite some time in the past, if you catch our drift.

Your author (that’s me!) grew up really enjoying such educational after-school entertainment as Square One TV, and you can definitely see that influence on these plays. Each one is centered around a different core mathematical concept, and the action of the play both helps illustrate and explain that concept, and also makes some really very silly jokes with the concept, because being able to understand jokes about something means you understand it enough to play with it in your mind. The math concepts are geared towards about a third-grade level, and the scenes themselves are sophisticated and funny enough that even eighth-graders (or even older kids than that) would likely enjoy acting in them and directing them, especially if they were for performance for an audience of smaller kids — so depending on the level of math and reading you’re working with, the age range for these is potentially pretty wide indeed.

Also important: these plays were purposefully written with no specified (or implied) gender for the characters, so ANY student can play ANYONE right out of the gate, with no script modifications; no name changes or slight rewrites necessary.

If you’re a teacher or know a teacher, we’d love to know what you think! Did you have fun with these plays? Is there a genre or style of story that your kids adore that we should work into another collection in the series?

(Licensing info: The licensing notes in the front of the book specifically state that if you bought a copy of the book, that license allows you to make as many script copies as you like for as many students as you like — we know how being a teacher is! — all we ask is that A. you don’t share the text *between* classrooms; each individual teacher should buy a copy for their own unlimited classroom use, and B. if you’re planning to do some sort of *paid* performance where either you’re paying grownup actors or charging for tickets, that you contact us for a licensing agreement.)

The book is currently available from Amazon, and will be available on other platforms soon, no doubt. May the Zero be with you…

The cover of Math Universe, by Mandy Khoshnevisan, featuring a brown-skinned, purple-haired math telepath