What Does a Truck Driver Do?

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What Does a Truck Driver Do?What Does a Truck Driver Do?
A book by a family, for your family.

by Mattie Paul Sivert and Mary Nell (Sivert) Khosh, Ph.D.
What DOES a truck driver do, when his truck gets stuck under a bridge? How do birds feel about airplanes? And how exactly do you manage to skip an entire day, when you’re sailing on the open sea?

This illustrated book of poems considers many big questions (and small ones too) about our convoluted world — but author Mattie Sivert answers these questions lightly and playfully. Her haiku, limericks, riddles, and other wry verses describe the shared world of grownups and children in a way that lets children feel at home in that world too. This volume is a sharp and cheeky collection of poetic observations on family, nature, and daily life on earth, accompanied by the whimsical illustrations of an equally irreverent bunch: the author’s great-grandchildren.

Yes, it takes a whole family to make a book like this one. Mattie Sivert wrote poetry throughout her life, for the amusement of her students, her children, and herself. Years later, Mattie’s daughter Mary discovered a manila envelope holding a treasure trove of verse, edited them into a collection, and asked her own ten grandchildren to illustrate them. The children — ranging in age from three to twenty — responded with enthusiasm. The result is a charming collection of illustrated verse that brings to life the vibrant imagination of this talented writer her great-grandchildren never knew.

Read about the genesis of this book, in the Chautauquan Daily (August, 2013).

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