The Great Separation

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GreatSeparationCoverFinal-400x600The Great Separation by John Doe, Ph.D.

A political satire about the dramatic events during the period 2028-2029, in what is today the United States of America.

By 2028, American politics had become irreversibly polarized, with Republicans and Democrats (“Reds” and “Blues”), bringing the Federal Government to a near standstill. But, so much can happen in a year! A contested 2028 federal election, a “natural” disaster, and a monumental bipartisan decision later, and in 2029 the United States is well into a Great Separation, having fractured into two independent republics.

In this astoundingly, witheringly important book, written by eminent historian John Doe, Ph.D. (real name withheld for national security reasons), Dr. Doe documents the recent events that have transpired in these two new countries in the short year since the 2028 U.S. presidential election. He also describes the rapidly diverging lifestyles in the two new countries, examining their differences and, ironically, their similarities. Dr. Doe also investigates the polarizing issues that divided America, and explores implications of the new developments in the two new republics going forward, beyond the Great Separation.

Because this book was written in 2029, readers of today may well understand this book as a work of political satire, and find humor in the events therein. Still, we are currently living through what Dr. Doe has chronicled as the last few years of Pre-Separation America, so it is left to the reader to determine what part is satire, and what part is a cautionary tale for our own future.

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