Managed Mischief

Now available for Kindle, and soon to be available in Trade Paperback:

Managed Mischief: A Toolkit of Improv-Inspired Games
by Mandy Khoshnevisan

Improvisation is MAKING something fun happen—and not just onstage before an audience, but ANYWHERE. Managed Mischief is an improv how-to kit, helping parents and teachers celebrate everyday creativity with the kids in their lives. Whether or not you have any prior improv experience, this book will walk you through how to teach and play these self-guided games that boost creativity, confidence, and collaborative thinking.

Managed Mischief is chock full of fun, valuable lessons, activities, games, and coaching advice to promote camaraderie and self-confidence for a creative, supportive classroom environment for all children. I have used several of Mandy’s activities with great success. I would highly recommend this book.

—Linda Beam, Elementary School Teacher for 28 years


Mandy, a 20-year improv and educational theater veteran, collects dozens of improv and theater games into a must-have compendium. Looking to have some fun, loosen up, or sharpen up your brain? Look no further than this fantastic book!

—Tara McDonough, Improvisor


A whimsical tour of how to empower kids (and their adults) through play. I’ve been improvising for 20 years, but I was at a loss to how to translate my experience into playtime with my children. This book made it easy.

—Alan Goy, Improvisor

Available in e-book and trade paperback; click here for more information!

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