The Holidays Approach!

The holidays are approaching, and that means it’s almost gift-giving season! Despite (or maybe because of) the time we spend in front of screens these days, books are still very popular. All of our titles are available online or print on demand from your favorite booksellers:

Political junkies and fans of satire or speculative fiction would appreciate The Great Separation, by John Doe, Ph.D.

Families with children, or anyone appreciative of cheeky illustrated poetry (think Shel Silverstein) would appreciate What Does a Truck Driver Do? by Mary Sievert and the Khosh cousins (edited by Mary Sievert Khosh).

Teachers, parents, or anyone who wrangles children—or even groups of adults—would appreciate Managed Mischief by Mandy Khoshnevisan.

And if you want an ultra-portable electronic copy, our books are also available in e-book format! There are mad Kindle discounts on the way for What Does a Truck Driver Do? and Managed Mischief, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Stay tuned!

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